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Keep growing…

by Mike Phillips

Be teachable. Keep growing and keep learning. You should continue to learn and grow, from the wisdom and mentoring of others. Try your best to stay teachable. I am continually shown that the best thing you can do for your health, wealth and continued well-being is to learn. You should take what you learn and apply […]

Change The World By Your Example, Not Your Opinion

by Mike Phillips

To me, this means take action, be a change agent. I was on Facebook the other day and read this statement. “Change the world by your example, not your opinion.” To me, this is a profound statement. People’s opinions get shared significantly more often than than anyone will opt to do something about a given situation. There are […]

What If… It’s NOT about the money?

by Mike Phillips

I’m in the Automotive Industry. I’ve been involved in multiple discussions recently, where salespeople are voicing openly that many of the prospects (customers) that they are working with right now, are only focused on the money (price). The prospect, or “lead” if you will, only wants the lowest price, and so on, and so on. […]

Selling the car to the customer…

by Mike Phillips

Now, some may think this is an absurd statement on selling, but it’s oh so true and a bit profound. As I was conducting my training session yesterday, I made the statement below, in front of many salespeople. Immediately they were all nodding in agreement and it became a fairly lengthy topic of discussion. “It […]