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Communication Is About Reception

by Mike Phillips

The quality of communication is how it is received. Not on what you think you said or shared. When we communicate, everything is based on the perception of the receiver. You must be able to articulate your thoughts in a practical manner. When you do this, others can truly receive an understanding of what the content of […]

Sideline Leadership (The FRONT#24)

by Mike Phillips

Leaders are always watched. Even when they are not on the field! I love football as an analogy for business. ANy sports really share so many similarities in leadership and the business world. Leadership is an all the time thing. Many newer managers want to grandstand and show what they can accomplish while they are […]

Tell And Show! (The FRONT #23)

by Mike Phillips

In training, you should TELL  and SHOW your staff to get the best out of them! Training and teaching are all about being in the front! We likely all remember the weekly “show and tell” when we were in school. Well, in leadership and management it’s the inverse. You must TELL and SHOW your people […]

Managing Your State and Upping Your Attitude (The FRONT #22)

by Mike Phillips

If you want greater success… you MUST manage your state and up your attitude! So tonight I’m having a discussion on managing your state of mind and upping your attitude! Staying positive is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself for business! Positive self-talk is important. Because positive self-talk leads to […]

Complacency kills!

by Mike Phillips

When you become complacent, you and your business begin dying. So don’t! You must stay competitive and stay on the move. Restlessness and competitiveness in business are positive things. They get you to the next checkpoint or the next level. When you are competitive you always strive to be better than you are right now. […]