In business, success is measured by results, not effort.

Regardless of the business that you are in, sales make businesses money. Success is measured in dollars and in the volume of sales.

Of course, the business that you either own or work in you want to be enjoyable and to like the people you work with. You want your time spent there to be worthwhile. You want your work to be impactful and meaningful. But, at the end of the day, the business has to make money to keep its customers happy and to keep YOU employed. The business has to make money to continue to grow and bring on more good people. You have to make money to stay and continue to grow the business.

So while you want a happy and friendly time at work, remember – YOU CAN’T TAKE FRIENDSHIP OUT OF THE ATM. And your business can’t bank on it either. So you must produce tangible, measurable results; product sales results. 

Try this idea on for size: professional athletes aren’t paid to have a great attitude. They aren’t’ paid for the effort they put in to practice or even into a game. At that level, when someone is paid to be a professional, they are paid for production; they are paid to win games.

You must invest in knowledge and growth, in relationships and networking, and ultimately SALES OF PRODUCT. What are you doing to sell, and to close, to make a day of today, or a month of this month. Because you know, that is what sales is about. Sales of products, sales of services, sales of ideas, or relationships… selling is the fuel of successful business.