When you become complacent, you and your business begin dying. So don’t!

You must stay competitive and stay on the move. Restlessness and competitiveness in business are positive things. They get you to the next checkpoint or the next level. When you are competitive you always strive to be better than you are right now. If you have a great business then others will be chasing you. You must anticipate that and know that you are in the chase. Some of the excitement of the win comes in in the chase.

What are you doing to stay ahead? You’ve heard or read in the Bible that, “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17). So you should be sharpening yourself and your peers every day. It’s the rule that you are the sum of your five closest influencers. Are the five people that you have chosen to surround yourself with, or influence your mind, to spend time with… sharpening you? Are they giving you someone to chase? Are they providing an equal and beneficial part in the friendship? If not, better take a look at… yourself first. When you upgrade yourself, your standards and your skills, you are likely to upgrade your peers.

When you upgrade your peer-set the competitiveness sets back in. Much of the excitement of the win comes in in the chase. On both sides of the chase. Either you are in pursuit, or you are being pursued… either way – you’ve got to keep moving!