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Resiliency in Business

by Mike Phillips

Resilience is vital to both personal and business success. It’s the ability to recover quickly, to adapt and to move in the face of adversity or trauma.  It combines mental toughness and agility with a sort of emotional strength. Being resilient does not mean that a person doesn’t experience distress. Stress and emotional discomfort are a […]

Accountability, The Manager’s Sidekick

by Mike Phillips

Accountability is a fundamental key to any businesses success. In business we want accountability. We want responsible, successful people to work for us. We want staff to come ready-made to already be achieving awesomeness… But most often it takes a lot of consistency and work. Responsibility is the ability to act independently and make decisions without […]

Well Done vs Well Said (The FRONT #31)

by Mike Phillips

    “Well done is better than well said.” ~ Benjamin Franklin It’s very difficult to have the wherewithal to both DO great things and TALK ABOUT DOING GREAT THINGS at the same time. So if you have to do just one, which is better? I personally believe it is better to take action, to do. Talking about […]

    Business Is About Results

    by Mike Phillips

      In business, success is measured by results, not effort. Regardless of the business that you are in, sales make businesses money. Success is measured in dollars and in the volume of sales. Of course, the business that you either own or work in you want to be enjoyable and to like the people you work […]

      Complacency kills!

      by Mike Phillips

        When you become complacent, you and your business begin dying. So don’t! You must stay competitive and stay on the move. Restlessness and competitiveness in business are positive things. They get you to the next checkpoint or the next level. When you are competitive you always strive to be better than you are right now. […]