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Manager and Leader Are Not Synonymous.

by Mike Phillips

Managing versus Leading. Management and leadership are often spoken of hand-in-hand. These two words are often used interchangeably. They are not the same thing. There is a place for both management and leadership in business. You need good managers that can logistically handle things. And, you need good leaders that can grow people. It’s rare […]

FUN is a Key Element in Business Success

by Mike Phillips

    Working on your success… the process should be fun! As a leader, you are helping to set the tempo of the work environment. No one wants to have someone who is 100% business, all the time. It’s important that you take your work seriously, just don’t be so bound up to take yourself seriously all of the […]

    Resiliency in Business

    by Mike Phillips

      Resilience is vital to both personal and business success. It’s the ability to recover quickly, to adapt and to move in the face of adversity or trauma.  It combines mental toughness and agility with a sort of emotional strength. Being resilient does not mean that a person doesn’t experience distress. Stress and emotional discomfort are a […]

      Accountability, The Manager’s Sidekick

      by Mike Phillips

        Accountability is a fundamental key to any businesses success. In business we want accountability. We want responsible, successful people to work for us. We want staff to come ready-made to already be achieving awesomeness… But most often it takes a lot of consistency and work. Responsibility is the ability to act independently and make decisions without […]

        Besides Talent, You Must Also Have Skills

        by Mike Phillips

          Besides talents, you must have the skills to see long-term success. Talent is defined as having a natural aptitude. And, Skill is having the ability to do something well; expertise.  I like working with talented people. People that have a raw and natural ability to accomplish and accel in their chosen craft. I also admire and enjoy working with […]

          Communication Is About Reception

          by Mike Phillips

            The quality of communication is how it is received. Not on what you think you said or shared. When we communicate, everything is based on the perception of the receiver. You must be able to articulate your thoughts in a practical manner. When you do this, others can truly receive an understanding of what the content of […]