Often, we get all fired up and focused on what we should be doing next. Write the next blog, work on our business, building, growing and becoming something bigger than we are right now. We continue to push and work on the next important thing. While, the next thing is certainly important make sure that from time to time, and especially if you are connecting with the people that are important to you in your life, it’s okay to stop pushing for what’s next, and focus on the moment. Focus on what’s the most important thing RIGHT NOW!

Here is what I mean by that opening statement. If you are a results driven person, and many people that are reading this blog are. You are often focused on what you can do, what action you can take to make the next big impact. I’ll tell you this simple fact, you can make a huge impact by giving someone genuine love and attention. True attentiveness for those that are in your life with you… IN THE NOW.

There is someone in your life, right now that needs you to say, “I love you.” Someone needs you to be the ear that is there to listen. The people that I am talking about are the ones that are standing by you through thick and thin. These people are making sure you succeed when you are working on, “THE NEXT THING.” Your spouse, your kids, other family members, friends, and business associates. These people NEED you to be present, in the right now! Probably even more than they need you to be working on yourself or pushing forward.

As you know, I write about things that are real to me and going on in my life. Let me give you this example:

Today is my inspiration – I have two young kids that more than anything in the world wanted to have their trampoline fixed. This trampoline is pretty much the bestest thing ever and represents pure joy in our backyard. The main pad on it ripped a couple of months ago. My kids asked for a replacement and got one for Christmas! This replacement piece has adorned our living room since Christmas time due to the cold weather, insane wind, and… my procrastination. So today, fortunately there was no snow or wind. Trampoline repair however, was still not #1 on my list.

There were many other growth “opportunities” I could have been pursuing today. However, when I took a step back and considered what was the most important thing for me to be working on, it was trampoline repair. My kids had been asking, patiently waiting for this job to get done. So, in the moment this afternoon, the family connection, the smiles and the joy that it would bring far outweighed any other thing that I may have thought was more important today. For more than three hours this afternoon, me, my kids and my wife, had family time… on a frozen and lightly snowed in backyard, at 46 degrees, knowing that it would take far longer to complete the repair than anyone would have to enjoy jumping today. But, we got it done.

The reward is joy. The kids are excited, which brings me and my wife an accomplished and joyful feeling. There are , “thank you’s” and some family pride in knowing that we got this completed together. When you are working on your next big thing, in the future… Remember to always put first things first. If someone needs you for something, the NOW, it may be greater than what you are trying to finish NEXT.