You don’t have to be first… but you do have to be good (or AWESOME!)

While you don’t necessarily have to be the first person to do something in business. You don’t even have to execute on a particular idea, product or endorsement before anyone else. You do have to be good at the product, service or task that you are speaking about. Good or better anyway.

You may not even need to be an expert to start – but once you start, it is important to remain teachable and open to new ideas. Don’t shut down. You have to continue educating yourself while you are educating others.

Keep in mind, being first and being #1 are clearly two different subjects. Being first is being the first to accomplish a  task. Being number one at a task or job is based on results and performance. To gain expert or #1 status, you MUST do the right things, and do them right (correctly). After all, there is a right way in coaching and handling people, implementing processes and certainly your product. There are a right and wrong to the product.

If or when you decide to start, generally ideas don’t have to be unique, they just have to be executed. It’s even better if the idea that is executed on is done well.

Here are five tangible things you can do to be good or better than your competition.

  1. Follow through. This is quite simply, personal fortitude. It’s doing what you say you will do.
  2. Keep it simple. We tend to over-complicate success. Sometimes ideas are better executed on quickly than with a perfect plan.
  3. Know your target. Know your market, and know where you are headed to get the results that you want. This takes some work.
  4. Know your product! You must study and have a clear definition of what it is you sell. Whether it is a tangible product or a service, CARE enough to learn so you can accurately portray benefits to your consumer.
  5. CHANGE THE WORLD! (Or, at least your industry). You must be willing to remain unique and stay yourself in a world of copycats. So many industry experts have become teachers of old world rhetoric, the teaching has become lethargic and mundane.

There is it is… proof… You don’t have to be first to be excellent!

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