Get motivated and stay motivated with these five tips!

When someone says, “Wow, that person is highly motivated!” We think of someone with limitless energy, and a positive attitude. But, how did they get that way? Where does the energy and the non-stop positivity come from?

Motivation at its core is one of two things. Motivation is “need,” or motivation is “want.” Thus, when you NEED something bad enough, you get motivated. It creates high energy, positive attitude, laser-like focus, and more confidence. Likewise, when you WANT something badly enough, then the same or similar effects take place.

Here are 5 tips in 5 minutes to get motivated and stay motivated!

  1. Define your want or need (WHY do you want or need this goal?) Some people say to find a “WHY” or at least a large enough “WHY.”
  2. Write things down. Keep a list of notes. Write down and continue to evolve strategies
  3. Focus on the goal every single day. Look at it, repeat it to yourself. Tell other people about it. And then, keep going until you hit it
  4. RE-check your “WHY,” regularly. Make sure it’s still important to you. Check to see if it has evolved. Re-define and re-strategize.
  5. Repeat.

That’s it. It’s simple.

You can work through this simple process. This can be done for long and short-term goals or tasks. You could do it daily, weekly, a year, 5-year plan – whatever works best for you and how long you think the goal or goals will take to accomplish. Work through it and see how quickly your energy changes your outlook becomes more positive.

And, as with anything, it’s not a one time deal. You must be consistent. When you are consistent watch how quickly things happen, or start to change!

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