Whatever you plan to do today! Make sure to make today GREAT! Here are five things you can do for a great today!

  1. Be in the NOW! Instead of focusing on what you need to do next, live in the present. Take in your surroundings and be thankful. Take a few deep breaths and be in the present.
  2. Positively impact someone else! Tell someone else they are great – and why they are great, it might make your day and help to make theirs.
  3. Smile and Laugh Out Loud! You type, “LOL,” how many times in a day? But, so you actually do the task? Smiling and laughing will change your mood almost instantly.
  4. Watch something that inspires you! Could be TV, or your kids, or your dog, a sporting event, and – YouTube is great for this! Tune in to something that inspires you even if for 5 minutes or more, get ready for it to change your outlook!
  5. Listen to good music! I love music because it can change your mood in an instant. Make sure that the music is upbeat and positive, most of all make sure you tune into your favorites, this will get you pumped and motivated and get a great day underway!

Remember that today is a GET TO rather than a GOT TO!

Have a great day!