Yes, that’s right – it’s the off hours. The late nights, the early mornings.

The extra credit that you get no extra recognition from, that is the work that makes the difference.

My Facebook, recent Google searches, Instagram photos, Twitter feed… they are all flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of entrepreneurs. They all offer solutions to make the next six (oh wait, that’s no longer powerful enough), now seven figure income – OVERNIGHT. This is bullshit. I’ll give you a tip here. There is no overnight success unless you win the lottery. And usually, those people are not very good at managing themselves, their impulses, managing money or managing others. Then even the lottery money is short-lived. The real lottery is business, and it takes work-ethic.

It truly is the things that you do when no one is looking. These things determine not just your character, but your income level, confidence level and ultimately the level of success you are likely to achieve. Let’s take a look for a moment at the buzz-word, nay the chosen career path of this decade. ENTREPRENEURSHIP. WTF does that even mean? Let me tell you, it means you are an entrepreneur. Okay, so WTF is that definition then? Here you go – 

ENTREPRENEUR – a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so.

That is right, it takes risk, it takes work, and it takes commitment. To be an entrepreneur or a business owner, or hell, someone that makes any sort of difference. It takes real work. “I want to be an entrepreneur.” Is not a thing. If I hear, well, I want to be an entrepreneur and pull in seven figures…” That’s not a thing. You have to have a business, a business plan, sell products, services or ideas, and a work ethic to follow through and execute. Getting the job done is more than a glorified idea man or someone that is simply good at marketing.

So there you have it, my rant or my motivation for the evening. I guess it depends on which side you are on. Regardless of your opinion, the trophy is earned in the off hours. 

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