Take Action!

Action is an amazing thing, no matter what needs to get done, nothing happens unless as individuals we DO IT.  Nike, the shoe company, has their entire business built on the slogan, ” JUST DO IT!”  Remember that anything that has ever come into being, especially anything of worth started out as an idea, a dream in someone’s mind.  There is only one more ingredient to making your dreams into realities, action.  I am even willing to take it one step further, consistent action.  It isn’t what you do once that offers the return.  Most people already know the magic formula.  You have to dream your dream.  Have faith and TRUE belief in it, to the the point it embodies and empowers everything you do, see it, hear what it sounds like taste it – until it takes you over and you start seeing it in your sleep.  Understand that simply taking an action in your mind will never get you there.

While I agree that there is a lot to be said for dreaming big and the power of positive affirmation, Tony Robbins made the comment that, “Affirmation without action is merely illusion.”  That is so true.  You can sit on your couch and say you want to lose weight, picture yourself losing weight, tell others you will lose weight – all while enjoying chocolate chip ice cream – it will NEVER happen!  There is only one missing step – ACTION!  In the case of weight loss, really multiple actions, eat right and  get off your butt and exercise.  And, It’s not about eating one healthy meal a  day and hitting the gym up once just so you can say, “Yeah, I go to the gym.”   What will happen in that scenario, if you add that missing consistent action element?  You’ll end up losing weight, feeling better about yourself, not just because of the physical result, also because of the mental return – scientists have proven that exercise is good for the mind too.  It doesn’t take a scientist (or genius for that matter) to know that there are other positive mental and emotional returns on this transaction, in this case the weight loss.  You feel  better because you look better, you feel better because other compliment you looking better, and you feel better because you accomplished something you set out to do.  Don’t miss my point here, in the subject matter of what we are talking about today… taking consistent action in everything we want to accomplish in our lives… and I mean EVERYTHING!  Weight loss is just the example I am using because even if you have not experienced that struggle yourself, most likely you know someone that has.

I am talking about your daily disciplines that you do to get to where you want to go?  The first thing that I would recommend, and yes, I know this is the most basic of the basic… keep a to do list.  No, I don’t mean put it in your planner or cell phone where all you have to do is hit the “snooze” or “remind me later” buttons.  I mean a good old fashioned notepad next to the computer that you will look at from time to time AND IT WILL STARE WITH GLARING EYES BACK AT YOU and it will remind you of what you have to DO today!  Take action on this list, even if it is a few actions towards each item, they will pull you closer to your goal, which should be to get the thing stat you need to do DONE each day.  That is where you start, on the basics.  So start today, make a list of what you need to accomplish to hit you goals for the day and before you know it, you’ll be hitting them for  the week, the month the year and for your life!

Remember the big key to achieving your goals and receiving everything that you want out of life, dream it, speak it, write it down and take consistent action to make these dreams into a reality!