You must take charge. You must participate in your own rescue. Grab the life preserver.

Today I am talking about taking charge and being an active participant in your own rescue. Taking charge has so many meanings. Taking charge of your health, of your life, of your family, and of yourself. There are a whole lot of things that you can take charge of. SO… Are you?

Okay, so that’s too broad an area to go over in a 10-minute run (below). So let’s talk about taking charge in business. Let’s talk about being an active participant in your business. And this one is not just for the leaders and managers of the world out there. This is really for anyone that wants to see some level of success. It’s especially for those of you that have ever said to yourselves… “man if I was in charge I would do…”

So how do you get there?

You must take charge, act and take necessary steps toward your dream or goal. If you ever want to see any major level of success.

Regardless of your level or title in an organization, especially the employee or “staff member” level, you’ve got to participate in your own rescue. DAILY. Meaning: you must get prepared, you have to go out and seek knowledge it is not just a manager’s job to lead you to the promised land “drop” some knowledge on you and then hope that you do the job. You have to seek, you must be the hunter. There so many resources. Many of them are free! You won’t have to invest much more than your time. Google, YouTube, business blogs. They are out there – hundreds of them on every subject you can imagine. Want to know how to bake a cake, Google it – recipes appear how about to fix a sink – there’s a video on that!

So if you can find all these simply by investing your time – START INVESTING THAT TIME IN YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. (I would imagine if you’re watching the video, listening to my podcast, you are already going after it and you either need to know where you want to know see you can do it!

15 minutes a day.

That’s the trick. You MUST set aside 15 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY for yourself to learn and grow. 15 minutes easily turns into 30, then 45 than an hour or more. And you are passionate about a subject or doing something. You will be floored at how much time you can find.

When I started doing videos, consistent videos, it began as a 30 day Facebook challenge – and it was a CHALLENGE. It was stress each day to figure out what I would talk about or what to do.

Then a few things, I guess this is the part where if you’re going to write something down, this is at. Plan, prepare, and pull the trigger (TAKE ACTION). It really became that easy.

If you want to get anywhere in life, you want to do more, you want to be more than you feel you are right now. You have to be an active participant, if not you’ll stay stuck in your own comfort zone. You must take charge of your daily activities. That really is all there is to it. Many people though, they would rather hang out on the couch, maybe crack open a beer, play some Xbox and then wonder… Why am I not achieving what I want? Why is the money not coming?

Better activities, lead to better questions, lead to better results. So I’m telling you, and I know I’ve said it several times, be an active participant – participate in your own rescue, take charge now of where it is you are headed!

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