Let me pose this question to those of you who are about to read this article.  What is the difference between “got to” and “get to”?  Just take a moment, write down your thoughts, and then continue reading.

“Got to” is crummy.  “Get to” is fun.  It’s simple; think about this for example, there are times that you may have said to yourself, “I’ve got to do _____.”  Instead of saying, “I get to do ______!”  This is all about how we talk to ourselves. If you change the way you talk to yourself even something as simple as the words you use – you can greatly improve the quality of your life.  It will actually change the way you look at things.  Let me share with you some statements, some things you have probably said to yourself.  In fact, often things that are “got to’s” for one person, are “get to’s” for another.

Husband DownIn my house from time to time, I’ve got to go shopping; on the other hand, my wife gets to go shopping.  We’ve got to take the dog for a walk; the dog gets to go for a walk.  You see what I mean?  The “got to’s” in our life are no fun.  They create doubt, anxiety and procrastination which leads to frustration.  The “get to’s” create fun, excitement and desire to be repeated.  This is something that is so easy.  All we have to do is change the way we talk to ourselves.  This is just one word, got versus get, and it can change your whole outlook on a task at hand.
man-and-woman-shopping-cartHow we speak to ourselves in our heads, that internal dialogue, is one of our most powerful tools at our disposal.  We can use it in an instant and it can change our outlook and attitude.  Outlook on a task and your attitude towards a task often helps not just to determine but to improve your outcome of the task at hand.  From the above statements, what if I was to just adjust that one simple phrase to, “I get to go shopping with my family.”  Which also means my wife still gets to go shopping too.  Everyone (meaning me and her in this scenario) is happier on the trip, because we all get to do something that we WANT TO DO!

For some of you reading this, this will hit home – “I’ve got to go to work today.”  That sucks.  It is usually said when you are dragging butt out of bed and you can think of just about any other task or “get to” in the world that you would rather do.  PLUS you are probably saying a lot of other “got to’s'”  “I’ve got to get up in the morning.”  “I’ve got to walk the dog.”  “I’ve got to mow the lawn.”  “I’ve got to clean the house.”  Heck, even “I’ve got to go to bed…” so your whole life you’ve GOT TO do something and it becomes repetitive and miserable.

CHANGE IT!  Right now!  Start with this; when you have one of those thoughts go through your head, REPEAT the statement in your head simply replacing the “got to” with a “get to.”  So instead of, “I’ve got to go to work today.”  STOP IT! Stop right there and adjust it to, “I get to go to work today.”  You can quickly and easily have a much more positive outlook and attitude. Now you are approaching things that are fun and exciting for you to do… trick your brain… make life fun… “GET TO” DO EVERYTHING!  Not only will it be more fun in the process, but you will find you accomplish more!