There are many things in life that are races; just not everything. I do believe you can compare your life to a foot race. Life is more of a marathon style training session. It’s a long ride. Besides that… there are a whole bunch of different racing styles. You will compete in many races and hopefully have many successes throughout your lifetime.

At first you may think I am primarily talking about foot races: Sprints, Marathons, Relays… but let’s open up some other ideas, the Indy 500, the Kentucky Derby. There are a whole slew of things in life that are races. Today may be part of a grander race, but just keep in mind, today, TODAY, Today, (credit: LeeLee Williams … and check out his site if you want inpsriation, or want to hire him, he is all that!) is never the WHOLE thing. Today may be a training leg of your overall race. It may be a warm-up. For some, it may be a race day, even then, it’s not the ONLY race day. There will still be many more races for you to compete in.

In any race there is one goal TO WIN. When it’s race day, it is no longer about fun, it’s not about training or coaching, at that one point in time… IT’S ABOUT WINNING and the goal is to come in 1st Place and win big! Winning overall, taking 1st place, the prize is 2X, 3X sometimes 10X what the runner ups get. You have to train long and hard if you want to win and succeed in your life.

Keep your eye on the prize! Whatever your success is to you, stay focused! Train for it, want it, eat it, breathe it, live it, EVERY DAY, you still have a lot of racing left to go!

On your marks…