Did you learn something new?

I have talked often about learning. Learning being deliberate and definitive. Regularly we talk about having a teachable attitude or a growth mindset – but what does that really mean? Like specifically. You MUST keep the wonder – you MUST be open to learning new ideas about old tasks.

One activity you may involve yourself in is to look back at the end of each day and ask yourself the question, “What did I deliberately work on learning today?”

One fundamental key to learning is feedback. Feedback from the people that are supposed to be learning the subject matter and then fed back to the instructor, so that they can tell the quality or the teaching. In a recent blog this week, I talked heavily about mediocrity. And one of the ways to eliminate mediocrity: learn something new every day. Make yourself more valuable today than what you had to offer yesterday. Pick up a book, do some research, listen a little bit better when someone is speaking on a subject that you know nothing about – or worse, think you don’t have interest in.

Then, when you ask that question at the end of the day, like literally at the end of the day. “What did I deliberately work on learning today?” You can provide yourself really good feedback for what you did learn, what you need to work on, and what you plan to do tomorrow.


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