Focus like a laser on your goals!There are other writers, bloggers, speakers and general people that have written and spoken on the subject that I am writing on today.  Focus, belief, conviction and how they tie into people achieving high levels of success and blowing away goals and former boundaries set by themselves or members of society.  I am so excited on this subject!  One of the coolest statements that I think I have heard in my lifetime is “Whatever the mind can conceive and believes it can achieve,” from W. Clement Stone.  It was more Mr. Stone’s life motto, than just some random statement that he made.  It consists of three major parts: conception, belief and achievement.

Conception which is the beginning, the thought, the idea, that thing that pops into our head and for whatever reason, and we start to retain that one idea (concept) and repeat it so often that we begin to believe it.  Belief which, I don’t know that I can describe it more than just belief… the total confidence and truth in the existence of something.  Achievement, the act of accomplishment and/or hitting your goal(s).  Both personally and professionally, I am a big fan of all three.  Let’s cover each of these.

There are hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of thoughts racing through your head and those around you on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.  When you conceive that ONE thought, that idea the one thing that above all others you can’t help but focus on.  It pops into your head, and then it is your responsibility to nurture that thought, develop it, build on it and continue to think it.  Think it over and over and over again. Until you are able to to see it come to fruition.  Keep your focus on it – you may have heard “Where focus goes, energy flows.”  I wish I were able to claim that fantastic statement.  Just continue to think your thoughts and ideas until you start to develop true belief, that comes next.

If you can see it in your minds eye, you can create your own truth.  Whatever the idea or truth to you, you have to “flesh it out.”  See it, smell it, touch it… develop it to the point in your mind that it is so real to you, in your minds eye that, it may as well be real, I mean really real.  This one too, there are an unlimited number of beliefs in the world, each associated with, at minimum a thought in someones mind.  People have real conviction in what they believe whether it can be seen in reality or not.  The best example here, in my opinion is organized religion.  No matter what the religion, the masses have such true faith, conviction and truth in existence of each of their prophet, god or gods for that particular religion it is real.  That is the same kind of truth in existence that YOU should have in your ideas and goals, and I assure you, though you may not achieve every goal, thought or idea you have – you will certainly come a lot closer.

Lastly, achievement.  Hitting your goals.  I have a good friend, David Johnson (of Persuasive Concepts) that made the statement, “Goals are made to be hit.”  It really is that simple.  Focus on your idea to the point you believe it, others will see your belief and help push you – you make the achievement.  The best way to make the achievement, hit the goal – …TRY UNTIL…  Consider this, look at children, we push them, push them, drive them continue to tell them, “YOU CAN DO IT” and help them and congratulate them UNTIL they are able to complete the task at hand.  Most adults are quite different than that – they only try until the point of embarrassment and then quickly lose faith and belief in their idea, and then they quit.  Heaven forbid you try twice, and be embarrassed twice over the same goal… that would near insanity and you think to yourself that you probably couldn’t bear it!

Maintain your belief in yourself, your ideas, your beliefs and TRY UNTIL… you achieve success!  Keep thinking fresh ideas, believe them all and really, I mean really GO FOR IT – make all of your dreams a reality!