Every once in a while. Opportunities arise.

If someone offers, say YES. If you sense there is an opportunity, say YES.

When it happens, remember to breathe slow and deep, inhale. Stare right down the sight and get a clear picture of the target. What is it that you want? Make sure you can make out the clear definition of the target, your goal. Don’t blink. Exhale. Take the shot. THEN you react, you blink, your heart is maybe racing – you check to see where you made an impact.

Sometimes you just have to view your goals, the methods and the approach in a slightly different manner.

Just know, that when the opportunity arises and you have that one thing, in your sights. You shoot. If you miss the bullseye… hell… if you miss the target, you will never wonder… what if I had taken that one?

Once you’ve taken the shot, at least in the direction of the target, you’ll know it was generally in the right direction. AND – if you don’t hit exactly where you wanted… the projectile will ALWAYS make an impact.