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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

by Mike Phillips

Today, be thankful for all that you have. Thankful for all that you have overcome. Thankful for the opportunity and unknown of your future. Thankful for family, friends, and those people that pop into your life because you know that God has put them there for a reason. Maintain an ongoing attitude of gratitude, and give […]

On Leadership

by Mike Phillips

Leadership is both a research area for many and a defined and practical skill. It is the ability of a person to guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations (or more). To be a leader, or lead, you MUST be in front forging a path!  You mostly will go down the untraveled path. Being bold in […]

Making My Birthday Great Again

by Mike Phillips

That’s right, today I am one year older. Here’s the thing. I was speaking with a few friends yesterday, all of whom asked how old I would be. 41. There is nothing special or outstanding about 41. It’s just 41. What I mean by that is, that there are certain milestones, certain awesome birthday’s. Here […]

Internet Sales 20 Group #IS20G9 – Day 3 Recap

by Mike Phillips

#IS20G9 – Phoenix, Arizona – September 14, 2016 Day 3 Enter – Day 3. I have attended many events, conferences, and educational seminars over the years. Often the last day is the day people are sleeping in, sneaking out, flying home, etc. That did not happen at the Internet Sales 20 Group (#IS20G). Everyone was […]

Internet Sales 20 Group #IS20G9 – Day 2 Recap

by Mike Phillips

#IS20G9 – Phoenix, Arizona – September 13, 2016 Day 2 Kicking off round 2 (Day 2) at #IS20G, they brought in the heavyweight! Jim Zielger launched the day off and did it the right way. High energy and masterful delivery with a section titled “10 things I would Do If I Bought Your Dealership.” And while […]

Internet Sales 20 Group #IS20G9 – Day 1 Recap

by Mike Phillips

#IS20G9 – Phoenix, Arizona – September 12, 2016 Day 1 At many events of this type,  the organizer is going to get everyone up, get a mixer going, play loud music and tell the people in attendance about themselves and why their event will be awesome, then layout the schedule and off you go. At […]

He Is Risen! Happy Easter

by Mike Phillips

May God bless you and your family this Easter Sunday. Give thanks for what you have. Have plentiful gratitude in what your future holds. Today, we look forward, we have hope. John 11:25-26 (NIV) 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they […]

Miracles Are Everywhere

by Mike Phillips

With all of the bad news that is readily available online, on TV, pretty much everywhere… it is important to remember that MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY, miracles are everywhere, their shapes and sizes vary! You may just have to look at the world a little differently to find some of them. You can take positive action […]