Today, we had to say goodbye to our “baby girl,” Lourdes.

We got her when she was just a puppy, 7 weeks. Full of so much energy and love through the years. I cannot even begin to put into words the way that she touched our family. My wife more than anyone. She had wanted a great dane puppy all her life, and Lourdes was her first “baby.” It’s a tough goodbye today, even though we have known it was coming, it’s still hard. We wanted to believe she was invincible, or that we would never be met with a decision like we were today.
Lourdes thought she was 2 until about the age of 10. She behaved and ran around like a two-year-old puppy most of her life. Moving like a wild stallion, and similar in size. She attacked the dangers of any movement under the covers. Protected us from shadows of much smaller dogs just walking by the house. She wasn’t scared. And don’t get too riled up at our house. She would have to “check” you and tell you to, “calm your ass down,” with a grumbly, throaty bark. Which may be followed by a paw to the face.
Our friends and our kid’s friends knew that when they came to the door you had to “assume the position.” And hopefully you are wearing an athletic cup because Lourdes was about to give you the Great Dane pat down… and it starts at waist height. For now, the crotches in our entryway are safe. Out of habit, I hope to still see my buddies show up and cover themselves.
Lourdes was a really good dog, she was amazing. They say all dogs go to heaven, their souls know true unconditional love and kindness. For now, I imagine her soul will probably hang around a bit. She will still have to protect us from the emotions, the shadows, and the much smaller dogs that wander by the house. And then, I’m sure she will most certainly take her place with the other angels that watch over us and our family.
God Bless.

Lourdes Dane

03/03/2004 – 07/21/2017

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** UPDATE ** Thank you everyone, from the bottom of mine, my wife’s and our family’s hearts. We truly appreciate all of the well-wishes, prayers, compliments, and kind-words on our beautiful baby. It means a lot to know that other people take the time to comment, share and put our family into their thoughts and prayers. Thank you all, have a great weekend.