Internet Sales 20 Group 9#IS20G9 – Phoenix, Arizona – (was) September 12-14, 2016 – Greatness Happened.

My recap and impression from a mere 37 pages of notes and information I pulled in (in addition to the workbook that was given out).

#IS20G SwagIt’s simple. The Internet Sales 20 Group, this 9th installment of it, which is produced by Sean V. Bradley’s company, Dealer Synergy, is much more than a “sales conference” or a “training session.” This is an all-out sensory assault on the Automotive Sales Professionals that are in attendance. Their physical stamina, energy, emotional intelligence and mental capacity are all tested over 3 days in positive manner to receive value and an… unbelievable event. There are somewhere between 150 and 200 dealerships represented, while the title is “20 Group,” which would normally have around 20 dealers, this is based on the style, work and the data that go into the event. There is a wide array of people in attendance, Dealer Principals, GM’s, Internet Managers, Sales Managers, BDC People, Sales Staff, if they are in automotive… anywhere, it was worth attending. Sean and his wife, Karen, and their team, have manifested automotive greatness. This is the most well rounded event that I have attended in quite some time, let alone it’s laser focused on automotive sales for today’s environment.

Many relevant topics were covered – Internet, Social, SEO, SEM, Google – and… with everything that we have in the digital realm, it stressed, that now more than ever, you cannot lose the human element, it’s PEOPLE. I know I said it before, but truly, it was an awesome event. Sean made a very powerful statement before kicking into the rest of the event. He said that because of Tammie LeBleau and her influence on him, he had opted to sub-title #IS20G9 “Increase You Influence – By Making Each Day Count…” That was how Tammie lived by making the days count, every one of them.

Day 1 (click to read the day 1 recap)

Day 2 (click to read the day 2 recap)

Day 3 (click to read the day 3 recap)

In The End – One of the coolest parts of this three-day trifecta of automotive, digital and personal training event was the last hour. Sean and Karen Bradley, besides being a dynamic duo of automotive genius and all around awesome couple, they are both Steven Covey Certified Trainers. So now the work begins… before everyone checked out and left, we were put into multiple groups with about 8 members each and given roughly an hour to recap our day, and provided with a customized action strategy to go back and implement in the dealership. They want you to set up with a partner to hold you accountable to do what you say you will do and implement what you say you are going to from the conference. This is not something you will attend and then just come back to your store, say it was a great time and put the book down on a shelf somewhere. They expect you to use what you have learned to evolve your dealerships and its employees.

In short, and I could have said this all at the beginning, but if you didn’t read through all of the information and awesomeness that is the Internet Sales 20 Group you might not get it… it’s 5 stars all -around. If you have the chance to attend this conference, GO. Whether you have to pay your own way, your company sends you, whatever the methodology – YOU JUST NEED TO GO ATTEND THE INTERNET SALES 20 GROUP!


Mike Phillips