I was conducting a sales training session recently. The subject of “follow up” became the focal topic during this particular session. And, during that time several questions were asked on the topic of follow up specifically. How do I tend to run such a high return call rate? What is the secret to getting the person on the other end to pick up the phone? What is my process? The salespeople asked how I conduct my follow up phone calls, and if I had an outline they could use to improve their follow up phone call process.

There is a simple process which I have committed to  memory over my number of years in sales. As a result this has led to a lot of sales and follow up success for me personally. So, here is the process and some additional information  I shared with them.

1. Be prepared (Dial with Intention)

This may seem simple, or could, “go without saying” but, I’m going to say it. Before you (the salesperson) makes a follow up call – you should know WHY you are calling. Yes, you need to review your notes and previous contact with your client/customer. While you are preparing, make sure that you have a script, or at least an idea of what you plan to say in two unique scenarios. First, if someone answers  the phone. Second, if they don’t. If you are leaving a message; you MUST be prepared for the message with your one and only goal in mind being to get the customer to return your call.

2. Smile

Yes, even though the person  on the other end of the phone can’t actually see you, if you smile while you dial, it will relax you and help the call to go more smoothly. And, you may have heard this statement before – if you are smiling the person on the other end of the phone can “hear” your smile come through the receiver. You might consider getting a mirror to look at yourself while you call – IT’S A LIFELIKE DESK EMOJI!

3. Stand up

Change your physiology if you want to change your results. There are several automated physical responses that your body makes when you are standing. Standing adjusts the position of the diaphragm which (in layman’s terms) helps to control breathing. Your voice tone and energy level are both affected by your breathing . Standing raises your heartbeat by approximately 10 beats per minute, burns more calories and takes more muscles than sitting and therefore physically  requires more energy. Also, by changing your physiology to a posture that takes more energy the hope is that energy will be  displayed through your voice tone and tempo on on the phone call.

4. Execute

Finally… and simply, YOU MUST follow through on the first three steps. You need to do this on all of your phone calls. not just one call. And, you need to try and reach out to your customers on every outlet they have offered you. Call their home, work, cell, send an email and welcome to  2017… you need to be texting them! You need to have a plan to execute on making multiple follow  up calls to multiple people. Making one contact to one person simply won’t cut it. You can’t make a living that way… you will never get people back to purchase your product or generate enough referral traffic.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. How about you? Do you have a process for following up customers? If not, give mine a try. I think you’ll see a high return by contacting more customers and being able to create more positive conversations.