You must be stubborn with your goals. You should stay flexible in the approach and the methods.

If you want your life to be meaningful and have a strong purpose, you must have goals! You should have lots of goals. Business goals, family goals, personal goals, each of these will move you to a successful and purposeful life! You should always have multiple goals to pursue at any given time, but you shouldn’t be afraid to change them if you think that’s what they need.

Outside influences will try to derail your goals. People will try to change your mind. People will get jealous and will tell you that your goals are too big, or too unrealistic. They are your goals, your dreams, and you should hold onto the goal no matter what.

Just be aware that there is more than one way to accomplish your goal or goals. SO don’t fall in love with your approach. The method may change. For example, weight loss. You may have a goal to lose 20 pounds. But, there are several different methods to lose weight. You can diet, you can work out, or run, do cardio all of these are viable methods. More extreme would be diet pills or surgery. Those methods work too (though not my recommendation). Any one of those can get you to your goal of 20 pounds lost.

Just keep in mind, as times change your methods may need to change. Your approach or the path may swerve or move in a method that you didn’t anticipate when you started. It’s ok to adjust. That doesn’t mean the end-game or the goal changes. Just the path.

Over time, as you age, as you grow in experience and expertise, your goals will change also. They will evolve. That’s ok, once you have a new set of goals, create new methods.



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