Best Price (money)I’m in the Automotive Industry. I’ve been involved in multiple discussions recently, where salespeople are voicing openly that many of the prospects (customers) that they are working with right now, are only focused on the money (price). The prospect, or “lead” if you will, only wants the lowest price, and so on, and so on. Riddle me this… what if it’s not about the money?

Perhaps customers want to be heard instead. Remember when salespeople created an over-the-top experience? The experience that you create for your potential customer is what will make ultimately produce the sale and keep the customer returning. From cell phones to TV’s, and certainly cars or houses, people want an exciting, awesome experience. People want something that is fun and memorable. They do not want something that leaves them stressed, confused or clouded. A sale that leaves them wondering if they got the best deal. A great deal is when both parties involved feel they won, the buyer and the seller.

How about knowledge of the product? This is still a significant aspect of your sale. If you are in sales, of any kind right now, how well do you know your product? Your product’s history, the design, the features, the benefits and WHY the company or manufacturer has it priced the way that it is. How about knowing your competitions products? DO you know their features and how to present your product versus theirs?

What if the customers motivation is that they want something better, or unique. As a salesperson though, maybe you overlooked that because it wasn’t that the customer was focused on the money, but that you were focused on the customer focusing on the money? (Might want to read that sentence again…) Do you understand where I am coming from?

As a professional, in any sales arena, it is as important now as it has ever been to be focused on SERVICE TO THE PROSPECT. Note that I am not saying customer service, but the service you provide to them, your potential customer. To me, this is two different things. Customer service is defined as advice and assistance that a company provides to it’s customers. Service to the prospect is how you handle yourself prior to and leading up to the sale to turn the prospect into a customer.

Ultimately your interactions and the experience that happens “in the moment” are what will define the sale. This is what makes the interaction with you and the purchase memorable to your customer. This sort of sale is what will create referral traffic and repeat customers for you as a sales professional.

Price should be the last resort. The “price button” gets pressed by salespeople without imagination, passion and love for their profession. These salespeople are not YOU!!! I think you have the drive, heart and passion to dig deeper and be a real pro!