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You Need the Line in the Sand… Sometimes.

by Mike Phillips

The line in the sand? It’s true. There is still a time and place for authoritarian leadership. We are in an age of democratic and collaborative, feel-good leadership. During this time, right now, in history, many leaders, speakers, and trainers are instructing company management and executive leadership that everyone needs to feel included and that all […]

People Will Accomplish More (The FRONT #5)

by Mike Phillips

It’s no secret, people will accomplish more when they are told they can! That’s really one of the secret ingredients in success. A great coach or mentor simply telling you that you can do it. By no means, do I mean or imply that someone is saying that an individual “can’t” accomplish something. But, when you have […]

Power of Mentoring

by Mike Phillips

Whether in a one on one or in a group setting, personal coaching and mentoring is a very powerful tool. This week I’ll discuss some tips and process for powerful sessions and the benefits. I’ll explain benefits to everyone involved, including the mentor/coach. I’ll also explain the importance of continued development and growth for those […]