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The Success Formula

by Mike Phillips

It’s a bold statement – you’ll just have to tune in to find out.  First of all, there are three easy things that can help take you to the next level.  Two of these are a refresher that I discuss regularly on my program; the third may surprise you.  See you there, for… The Success […]

Excitement Creates Excitement

by Mike Phillips

I’m sure you have the term – Negativity breeds negativity; I also want to talk about that positivity creates positivity and more so, for this show EXCITEMENT CREATES EXCITEMENT!  Emotions are communicable through our words and actions.  As humans we absorb some of the emotions of those around us, some emotions of the people we […]

Making The Impact!

by Mike Phillips

This show is all about MAKING THE IMPACT! Whether it’s personal or business, relationships or self improvement, YOU have to make an IMPACT to MAKE a CHANGE.  You have to make an impact for anything to take hold.  You have to start with an impact for progress to initiate and success to bloom! Join me […]

Running In Place

by Mike Phillips

Why friends are important!

by Colin Phillips

Attitude Creates Experience

by Mike Phillips

Tonight will be all about attitude – BAM!  Whether positive or negative – attitudes help in determining our outcomes and also the experience and the journey along the way to accomplish most any goal.  Even from the very onset, when you are approaching either a small task or a major project you always have a […]

The Champion Mindset – The 11 Traits

by Mike Phillips

Several weeks ago I did a Blog Talk Radio episode on my show RE-ignition titled, The Champion Mindset; if you haven’t listened, please tune in there and check it out!  One of the things that I define in that episode are 11 traits that overall affect and define the champions mindset.  That’s right 11, not […]

Have a BIG 2011!

by Mike Phillips

I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very special Happy New Year – 2011! A special thanks to my family and friends!  I’ll be back NEXT YEAR with more Blog Talk Radio episodes, more blogs right here, and more things to motivate, energize and inspire! Know this – it starts now, […]

Performance trumps product – EVERY TIME!

by Mike Phillips

This week I’ll be speaking from the “guest studio” on why our performance and our attitude, trumps pure product – EVERY TIME! What I mean, in short, customer experience, the way we treat people. The way we respond and our overall performance will absolutely overcome the mechanics behind JUST our product and our pricing. I […]

Deed versus Title

by Mike Phillips

As with any evolution, leadership has continued to grow, change, develop – then go full circle.  Leadership will continue to revisit old principles, make them seem new again and develop them for a modern day business world.  Right now leaders in business have to train, perform and execute similar to officers of ancient military regimes […]