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What’s with the costume?

by Mike Phillips

Share the post “What’s with the costume?” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInStumbleUponE-mail This week I ask a simple question… “What’s with the costume?” We all dress up our personalities and attitudes from time to time.  Overall, are you being true and have the personal congruency to convey yourself in reality or are you putting up a facade? Download This […]

Saluto, The Greeting – First 10 Seconds

by Mike Phillips

Share the post “Saluto, The Greeting – First 10 Seconds” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInStumbleUponE-mail THE GREETING. Welcome to your first day as a professional sales consultant, I don’t mean like your first, first day… I mean your first real live day on your own.  You have the desk, some business cards, shirt and tie… check.  The business you […]

Powerful Communication and Conflict Resolution

by Mike Phillips

Share the post “Powerful Communication and Conflict Resolution” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInStumbleUponE-mail IT’S ANOTHER RADIO BLOG!!! This week we discuss some keys to more effective and powerful communication; communication for both business and personal relationships. By working on our communication it will give some additional ways for resolving problems and conflicts for both business and personal. Download This […]