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“Your One Word” Video Book Review

by Mike Phillips

Here is my video review of the book, “Your One Word” by Evan Carmichael. At the time of this writing, I have completed reading (on Amazon Kindle) or listening to Evan Carmichael’s book, “YOUR ONE WORD – The Powerful Secret To Creating a Business and Life That Matter,” three times through now.  A few words […]

Working On My One Word

by Mike Phillips

To find ONE WORD is likely to be the toughest, easy thing I’ve done. I have been reading or listening to rather (on Audible) Evan Carmichael’s book “Your One Word” and it is awesome! Evan is clear on his one-word #BELIEVE. Let me start off by saying that if you haven’t heard of Evan Carmichael, […]

It’s The Off Hours That Make The Difference

by Mike Phillips

Yes, that’s right – it’s the off hours. The late nights, the early mornings. The extra credit that you get no extra recognition from, that is the work that makes the difference. My Facebook, recent Google searches, Instagram photos, Twitter feed… they are all flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of entrepreneurs. They all offer […]