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Sometimes it’s just about success…

by Mike Phillips

I’m sure you have heard the saying that if you fail enough times you may find success. Certainly, there are blogs, books, and training courses on this subject. Ways of training people just like you and I to be resilient. To try “until” and have tenacity to continue with a task even when the pain […]

Champions always WIN – DO NOT acknowledge failure!

by Mike Phillips

When you attack any goal there are always two options, right?  Success or failure.  I would like to challenge that statement.  Champions… winners… they always produce an outcome that ends in success!  It may not always be the outcome that they expected, it’s an outcome none the less, therefore they SUCCEEDED in producing an outcome.  […]

The Fear Factor – Define and Own It!

by Mike Phillips

This week I’ll spend some time defining fear. FEAR… What is it, how do we become fearful and most of all what are some ways (tools) to overcome fear in our lives. Know this, the moment you fear is coming, you will either hit the moment prepared, or the moment will hit you! Download This […]

Attempt Pain – Get Motivation

by Mike Phillips

I have to say, my two boys inspired this one.  First off, what a wacky title… here’s the thought – PAIN (actually it’s avoidance of pain) IS THE STRONGEST MOTIVATOR!  No matter the type of pain: physical, mental, emotional – it’s proven that the avoidance of perceived pain is a stronger motivator than the gain […]