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3 Things To Actively DO That Increase Influence (The FRONT #25)

by Mike Phillips

Leadership IS influence. If you engage actively in these three things, you can increase your influence and your leadership aptitude. Know yourself and your team. You must play to your strengths as well as your team’s strengths. Making sure to address and develop weak areas to minimize or eliminate shortcomings in a business environment. If […]

Who are your influencers?

by Mike Phillips

Who influences you? Just take 5 minutes and reflect. Who are your closest connections? What people, friends, and family are you engaging with most? Who do you subscribe to? And who subscribes to you? These people will influence you as a person and in your business life. They will affect you in ways that sometimes […]

7 Things Influential Leaders Do

by Mike Phillips

People of influence, influential people, those in leadership roles, at their best, have the ability to effectively gain agreement from others. We all want to be more convincing: to persuade others and we want to influence business leaders on how a project or task will generate a return on investment for their company. Many people seek […]