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Why friends are important!

by Colin Phillips

The Fear Factor – Define and Own It!

by Mike Phillips

This week I’ll spend some time defining fear. FEAR… What is it, how do we become fearful and most of all what are some ways (tools) to overcome fear in our lives. Know this, the moment you fear is coming, you will either hit the moment prepared, or the moment will hit you! Download This […]

Just BREAK it!

by Mike Phillips

This episode is designed after a sales training technique called… go figure, the BREAK Method. BREAK is not something you physically do, it is not physically painful and is non-labor intensive. It’s only an acronym for Bypass, Restate, Expand, Ask, Keep. Whether it is to further your sales, improve on a relationship or tweak your […]

Reasonable is the new unacceptable…

by Mike Phillips