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A Quick Sunday Chat – Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun

by Mike Phillips

A Quick Sunday Chat – Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun Today’s video below is just a quick Sunday chat on Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun. Make sure on this Sunday that you spend time with all of those. So often in our fast paced world, we all need that simple reminder. I hope you enjoy […]

Data Diet, Versus Going With Your Gut.

by Mike Phillips

Yes, data is a staple of our daily diet, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Data is essential. Data lets us incrementally change and improve on just about any task or really, just about anything. The amount of social media consumption in our daily lives – it’s almost insane. It is […]

A dedication to my wife

by Mike Phillips

Here is today’s dedication to my wife! Remember in the 80’s and 90’s the highest compliment when we were teenagers was the song dedication on the radio, or even better “the mix tape.” Here is my dedication today… For my wife. I love you.   Sometimes we all need the reminder to keep it fresh, […]

Value in Friendship

by Mike Phillips

There is deep value in friendship. Real friendship is one of the best activities in the world. I say it’s an activity, because friendship has to contain a genuine love for another person, which takes action (love is a verb). A genuine interest in another person. There is no demand and often no major complaints […]

Making The Impact!

by Mike Phillips

This show is all about MAKING THE IMPACT! Whether it’s personal or business, relationships or self improvement, YOU have to make an IMPACT to MAKE a CHANGE.  You have to make an impact for anything to take hold.  You have to start with an impact for progress to initiate and success to bloom! Join me […]

Why friends are important!

by Colin Phillips

Happy Employees Creates Happy Customers

by Mike Phillips

A few months back I talked about how “Performance Trumps Product Every Time” – so one of the big questions is then, how do we get our employees bought into that same belief system to produce the performance. I’ll give you several ways to improve your overall employee experience which translates to your teams customer […]

The Power of Un-Choice

by Mike Phillips

We all know the power behind each choice that we make, whether for the long term or what we often think the smaller decisions that we make every day. Tonight I will spend time talking about what impact the of the un-choice… what impact do the choices we don’t make have and how does it […]

Launch Interview with “From Bud to Boss” co-author Guy Harris

by Mike Phillips

This week I am excited and feel privileged to interview one of the authors, Guy Harris. His upcoming book is titled “From Bud To Boss – Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership.” First of all, this book is awesome, it is more than just a good one-time read. This book is a powerful […]

It’s not the destination, just a stop along the way!

by Mike Phillips

I am PUMPED this week!  Happy New Year everybody! “It’s not the destination, just a stop along the way!” was something we used to say all the time when we were out and about the town… probably a derivative of “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” with a twist! This week I’ll get into […]