Facebook Live Challenge – Day 22 – Building  The Business

Focus on things that bring real change

Here is a formula that can be used to frame success, both personally and professionally.

 Results = Attitude + Competence + Execution

To build people’s ability to generate results, you must change the way they are programmed. For example, salespeople need to develop three key skills:

  • Employees must manage their emotional state or attitude. Do this by staying committed, focused, undaunted, creative, positive. They need to do what the business needs them to do
  • They need to master the skillset of selling (competence). For this, management has to be involved in training them and showing them how it’s done. Whether it’s a transactional or a complex sale, there is a science to selling that must be integrated into one’s behavior until it’s flawless.
  • They need to take action and DO IT, execute. This is simply the right thing, at the right time, with the right people. And, you must also successfully avoid distractions, and utter wastes of time that constantly appear throughout the day.

“You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business” ~ Zig Ziglar