Facebook Live Challenge – Day 30 – Follow Through & FINISH

As I am reflecting back on my recent 30 day video journey. I realize how important it is to follow through and complete tasks. No matter if we think they are small, or insignificant, or inconsequential and won’t affect anything.

I have always gone out of my way to teach my boys (and my family) that trait – you MUST follow through when you start something. Whether it is for sports teams, or simple tasks, or business, the ability to see something through all the way to the end is extremely important. For them, later in life, if will be valuable to employers as hopefully they will get recognized as men that an get a job done.

While these, to me, are two separate items, follow through and “FINISH.” They operate so closely together, I figured it would be good to talk about these side-by-side at the end of challenge tonight.

It is important to finish tasks:

  • So you don’t waste time working out where you used to live.
  • So you don’t forget your intention that you started with
  • There is a certain pride that comes when you complete something, anything – no matter the size.
  • Time spent on an unfinished task is lost time, you could have spent it doing or finishing something else
  • By finishing you reduce the build up of negative feeling each time you remember you haven’t completed a task
  • To reduce the possibility of pretending you are progressing a task when you are really just procrastinating
  • You will feel more in control