Facebook Live Challenge – Day 8 

Today, I am primarily talking about false prophets in the Auto Industry (or most any industry for that matter). Here is what I mean by that statement. There are many gurus, experts and prophets that are coming out of the woodwork in the form of vendors. And when I day they are coming out of the woodwork, these guys and girls seem to be all over the place. Maybe it’s because it’s the beginning of the month?! And, there are other subject matter experts trying to sell other businesses on their false or ineffective product. Worst of all, these people are assuming that automotive people don’t know their own industry?!? 
Also, I am talking about the fantastic things from this Friday, which primarily included my son Carter (shawncarter1114). He received some amazing recognition and an award for placing first in his school, and district in the Stock Market Experience. Carter and his teammate placed in the top 1% of students competing. There were 27290 competitors overall. We are very proud of him!