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One of my biggest goals in life is to make a positive impact. Make an impact on my family, on other people, businesses, and in my community.

I am in the auto industry. I have been in sales for over 25 years. I am considered an expert in automotive call centers and phone sales (BDC). I’ve done just about everything in an automotive dealership setting, and I still really enjoy selling cars! I love the study of psychology and the art of sales and negotiation (and there is an art to both).

My coaching career started early. I got my first break at a roller rink by training and coaching in youth inline hockey at age 17. I worked hard at teaching and pulling the best out of youth and adult hockey players; this quickly transcended to coaching individuals with school work and then business work and from there personal coaching and business consulting for success!

I have sold many retail products beginning in my teens; roller skates, sporting equipment, and then when eBay first came online – this was where I got my first taste of having to really market individual products. I had to build ads and create an online experience so that people would buy.

Overall, my sales career took off, developed multiple facets and was polished when entering the Auto Industry in 2004. From that time, through some great mentors, and investing time and training in myself I have consistently been a top producer in any position I have held.

I enjoy public speaking on motivation, goal setting, and sales training. Getting others pumped and fired up. I do sales training in our store and in most any other avenue that will have me. I love any area involving personal development and being able to grow and push others to the top of their game.

My specialties in business include: Sales Training, Motivational Training, Leadership Training, Social Media Marketing, Individual Negotiation, Finance, Lender and Loan Negotiation, Business Management, Blogging, Podcasting, Digital Video (YouTube), Contract Law.

Check Out http://LeadTheTeam.net for more info and check out http://www.LeadTheTeam.net/blog for weekly motivation and podcasts!

I am a sales trainer, personal development coach, motivational speaker, leadership coach and overall Mind Ninja©.

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