Working on your success… the process should be fun!

As a leader, you are helping to set the tempo of the work environment. No one wants to have someone who is 100% business, all the time. It’s important that you take your work seriously, just don’t be so bound up to take yourself seriously all of the time. You should enjoy the people you work with; and vice-versa, they should enjoy working with and for you. Smile and laugh with the people around you. After all, we all want to have a fun-filled life. And the right amount of fun can enrich our business success. Just don’t lose focus and don’t lose sight of your goals.

Pro-tip: If you stop having fun at your work or in your business, you should find something else that you love… and go do that.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every day, week, or every month has to be a party. In fact, some are exactly the opposite. Real work has to get done. We have targets and goals that need to be achieved. And in addition, we all have responsibilities we’d rather not deal with, and there are things you can’t control. When you are the key leader in an organization, it gets stressful. Be careful not allow your stress to spill over to the people that want to win alongside you. That’s not fun. When you do that as a leader, then not only do you get off track, but you are likely to spin your whole team off in the wrong direction. 

Not just some, but most everyone wants to be financially successful, have a fulfilling career and live a happy life, you may have to make some compromises. You can achieve all of those things and have fun doing it … but there’s a catch.

There’s always something… isn’t there?

The catch is, you can’t just love what you do, neither can your teammates. And you can’t just strive for a fun work environment all the time… there is more to it than that. You have to know who you are and stay focused on getting results. You also have to work hard and become excellent at what you do. Whatever you may do in business, as a leader, part of your job is lead, stay out in front, stay sharp, and train others to be effective. 

Consistent growth and improvement boost your confidence as a leader, and when you’re confident, you can be more relaxed. AND – when you are relaxed, you’ll have more clarity, produce more high-energy, high-fives… AND A MORE FUN ENVIRONMENT! Keep in mind, a more fun, relaxed and charged environment produces results. However, don’t get all wrapped up in being just about the business, or just measuring the results. For example: Crack jokes, find games that your staff can play for a job well done. Work can be disguised as fun sometimes – it’s just like I mentioned before, don’t lose sight of what you want the end result to be, what the “win” looks like.

And remember to be real with people. People will respect someone that is authenticly themselves. A leader that really knows how to have fun, and to create it. You can start now, make a decision to have more fun. After all, you set the tempo as the leader – influence the environment, and influence your people.

The more fun YOU have, the more fun that your teammates will have and the more you will see it impact your bottom line… you will quickly see your business blossom and flourish!