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A dedication to my wife

by Mike Phillips

Here is today’s dedication to my wife! Remember in the 80’s and 90’s the highest compliment when we were teenagers was the song dedication on the radio, or even better “the mix tape.” Here is my dedication today… For my wife. I love you.   Sometimes we all need the reminder to keep it fresh, […]

There is not a replacement for genuine caring (YouTube 2017)

by Mike Phillips

There is not a replacement for genuine caring  In the video,  Tonight in the  video I am going to discuss how there is no replacement for genuine caring. You actually need to care about other people. We are often so focused on ourselves. There is so much coming at us as individuals in today’s current […]

Make Today A Great Day!

by Mike Phillips

The NOW can be greater than the NEXT

by Mike Phillips

Often, we get all fired up and focused on what we should be doing next. Write the next blog, work on our business, building, growing and becoming something bigger than we are right now. We continue to push and work on the next important thing. While, the next thing is certainly important make sure that […]

Value in Friendship

by Mike Phillips

There is deep value in friendship. Real friendship is one of the best activities in the world. I say it’s an activity, because friendship has to contain a genuine love for another person, which takes action (love is a verb). A genuine interest in another person. There is no demand and often no major complaints […]

Making My Birthday Great Again

by Mike Phillips

That’s right, today I am one year older. Here’s the thing. I was speaking with a few friends yesterday, all of whom asked how old I would be. 41. There is nothing special or outstanding about 41. It’s just 41. What I mean by that is, that there are certain milestones, certain awesome birthday’s. Here […]

Why friends are important!

by Colin Phillips

Passion Creates Power

by Mike Phillips

What excites you? What turns you on? What are you truly passionate about? The existence of passion in our lives creates power. This is the power that gets stuff done, it is what keeps us going, keeps us pushing through our perceived barriers. Passion is how we look at others that are accomplishing what we […]

It’s not the destination, just a stop along the way!

by Mike Phillips

I am PUMPED this week! ¬†Happy New Year everybody! “It’s not the destination, just a stop along the way!” was something we used to say all the time when we were out and about the town… probably a derivative of “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” with a twist! This week I’ll get into […]

Merry Christmas 2010

by Mike Phillips

Merry Christmas! Thank you to everybody who has tuned in and listened on Blog Talk Radio, to those of you who have read and contributed in the blog, the people that have shown up in person and done the crazy things I’ve asked to get motivated, turned on and not only set but achieve their […]