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2017 Is Out! 2018 Is In! Happy New Year! (The FRONT #56)

by Mike Phillips

Happy New Year! Time keeps marching on and moving forward!  I hope you have a fun, exciting and Prosperous New Year 2018! On New Year’s Eve, last year many were claiming that 2017 would be the best year ever!!! How quickly those statements and resolutions can become abandoned and forgotten. Fast forward one year… 2018 will be […]

Resolution or Revolution – Heck, just do it! 2017!

by Mike Phillips

Its that time of year again… NEW YEARS DAY! Whoopee! It’s the time that (most) everyone decides to make their yearly commitments and resolutions to do better…  workout more, work harder, be more awesome, be a better husband, father or family member, and so on. I have a question for you on  this New Years […]