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Facebook Live Challenge – Day 14 – Performance Beats Product

by Mike Phillips

    Facebook Live Challenge – Day 14 – Performance Beats Product Tonight I am talking about why performance in sales and customer service outweighs just he product that is being sold. That doesn’t mean that it is okay to have a crappy product. I am simply stating that if you have excitement, enthusiasm, passion and some […]

    Six Things To Take Action On Right Now

    by Mike Phillips

    This applies to everyone, from sales people to management, right on up to CEO’s and owners in organizations. Everyone wants some magical answer to have their business take off and grow beyond their wildest dreams.  In reality, most sales organizations have everything right in front of them to build and grow their business. Many of […]

    Performance trumps product – EVERY TIME!

    by Mike Phillips

      This week I’ll be speaking from the “guest studio” on why our performance and our attitude, trumps pure product – EVERY TIME! What I mean, in short, customer experience, the way we treat people. The way we respond and our overall performance will absolutely overcome the mechanics behind JUST our product and our pricing. I […]