Facebook Live Challenge – Day 24 – Staying Teachable, Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Stay teachable. It takes work to pursue continued growth and learning. You should continue to learn and grow, from the wisdom and mentoring of others. You may have heard the statement, “Success leaves clues…” I am a firm believer in that statement. People that came before you and saw the type of success you want, you can model their behaviors and see similar (or same) results. Ultimately and simply said, it’s very important to remain teachable throughout your life.

One of the best things you can do for your health, wealth and continued well-being is to learn. Learning without application though is pointless. You should take what you learn and apply it. Take action, learn new skills. Take action, do something new today!

This is an excellent way that you can love yourself and others, by taking action, learning new skills and being better than you were yesterday… kicking butt. Make today and tomorrow great!! Always, keep growing…

Here are a few points on continued growth and learning.

  • People who learn more, tend to earn more.
  • Through adult learning, people are often more open minded and more socially connected, more involved in their communities and more likely to be active. Active both physically and mentally!
  • People who are willing to continually grow tend to invest more into other people and more often into other people (mentoring).
  • Continued growth and learning seems to contribute to higher self-confidence. The more you know, the more willing you are to stretch and the stronger willed you are. (This can be both good and bad!)
  • Along with higher self-confidence comes self-resiliency. So, when things don’t go your way, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again, or keep going!


One of the best ways to learn and grow… I RECOMMEND READING! You can learn from all kinds of books, watch YouTube, “Google it,” or seek out a mentor. Read the Bible today. There are so many great lessons in the Bible. If you are very familiar, then seek out a new Bible plan, and read through it in a different order or method. It may expand your understanding!

Over the years, I’ve found that there is not a shortcut, a magic bullet, or a secret method, it takes time and it takes work.