My Fire Pepsi Shots Adventure from May 30, 2017.

To begin, this is not meant to be a serious post. I posted this on my live Instagram Story feed earlier today. And, I had to be sure to share it here… before it disappeared forever.

This was the outcome of our Fire Pepsi taste test (shots). Fire Pepsi is a cinnamon flavored cola drink. This was filmed live in our BDC call center and posted to Instagram shortly after filming. First, we had to set up to do some cinnamon cola flavored shots. Second, we had to do the actually taste testing. Then, as it turns out, cinnamon  flavored cola is pretty disgusting.

But, with several hundred views in the first hour, the video at least must be a hit! In the end, this is a great way to get your team fired up!
Oh, with the exception that Fire Pepsi is pretty terrible. No one was very impressed.

Thank you for watching ❤