“Hi, I’m __________ and I’m a customer service representative from __________. How are you this evening? (wait for their response – and that it’s a positive one) GREAT! I hope I caught you at a good time. This will be brief.”

Okay – “Our records show that you have visited us sometime I the past…were you here for sales or service?”

For Sales – (In most cases depending on the list you are calling on, the customer will have been in your store for sales)

“You were? What did you buy?” (Take notes, you will want to continue following up)

They didn’t buy

“Why not?”

They bought

“Who was your salesman? What did you buy? Have you heard from your salesman in the last 3-6 months?”

Either way

“From time to time we offer certain internet specials to our customers. Would it be okay if we emailed these specials to you? Your e-mail address?”

“By the way who in your house hold will be the next to purchase a new or used car or truck?” (Or other product, depending on what you sell)

“Who do you know…friend, neighbor, co-worker that may be interested in a new or used car or truck?”  (Or other product, depending on what you sell)

“In the next few weeks or months?”

Get names, addresses, phone numbers, whatever to make contact.

“Do you think it would be okay if I contacted them?”

Again if they didn’t buy

“If I could get with the sales manager (or other person that can assist you in furthering your sale), what is the one thing that kept you from buying?”

Then go to email and the either way.

Keep a HOT LIST!

Keep it updated, keep it going, keep it current

Call these folks!

Know the product and what’s in your inventory

Know your available specials!