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Happy Employees Creates Happy Customers

by Mike Phillips

A few months back I talked about how “Performance Trumps Product Every Time” – so one of the big questions is then, how do we get our employees bought into that same belief system to produce the performance. I’ll give you several ways to improve your overall employee experience which translates to your teams customer […]

Spring Clean Yourself! Go, Go, Go!

by Mike Phillips

So “The Boys of Summer” are back. Spring training (baseball) began again some 10 days ago, for some that means spring is here, or it is at least right around the corner!  I am all about the power of positivity; good mind, good attitude, good body equals good life!  Being that we are in that […]

The Power of Un-Choice

by Mike Phillips

We all know the power behind each choice that we make, whether for the long term or what we often think the smaller decisions that we make every day. Tonight I will spend time talking about what impact the of the un-choice… what impact do the choices we don’t make have and how does it […]