taking-actionThis applies to everyone, from sales people to management, right on up to CEO’s and owners in organizations. Everyone wants some magical answer to have their business take off and grow beyond their wildest dreams.  In reality, most sales organizations have everything right in front of them to build and grow their business. Many of these items cost little or no money.  Every good company is built on a solid foundation of basic principles. Let’s take a look at six things that you can take action on RIGHT NOW to make an impact in your organization.

  1. Train yourself and the people around you – This is kind of a no brainer, and it really should be in that order. Train yourself FIRST, then start coaching and training others around you.  Whatever your training – skill set, product knowledge, process or basic mechanics YOU, that’s right, the person reading this article must possess the skills FIRST, if you expect to pass them forward to others.
  2. Look from a customer’s perspective – One of the best pieces of advice I ever have received is that you should “manage from the outside – in.”  That’s absolutely true.  For example, if you manage a car dealership, when was the last time you drove around your lot and saw what your customers see?  For most people out there, the answer is … … well, you get my drift.  That goes for salespeople too, when was the last time you drove around your lot, or pulled a car up to the front showroom doors and looked as if you were the buyer?
  3. Perform don’t preach – You should be up on your feet performing the same tasks and SHOWING your people what the expectations are, if you are not willing to tackle a task, then it’s not likely that your people will be very willing either.
  4. Expand your social media campaign – I’m talking more than just Facebook and Twitter. There are hundreds of social media sites out there.  The more “online real estate” you control, means you are more likely to be found when customers are looking.  The best part about this, most social networking sites are FREE!
  5. Re-acquaint yourself with classic follow up – In my opinion the internet and email have certainly improved global communication and follow-up. These two have virtually eliminated personal and genuine contact.  Use of the phone can convey a much more personal relationship. And, the phone produces greater results!
  6. Know the score – How many calls, how many more do you need to make?  How many sales, what are you tracking?  These are things that you need to know!  If you know where you are at, you can do something about it.  Sales are produced in two ways, by attitude and statistics.  It wouldn’t be very fun to tune into a football game, and not know who is winning, would it?

Each of these six things could take up a whole article on its own. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  For any of these to work, the big key, you must take ACTION!  Start right now!