Do you know the most important connection you made today?

Odds are, with our highly digital and “connected” world, you don’t. I for one, when I got into the social media realm measured my success like so many others in clicks. How many likes, how many friends, or connections, how many reshares. Problem is that doesn’t measure real connection or impact. It measures a number of people that may like you or may like your friends or similar connections. It may even measure the people that want to be like you, or what they think your persona is, regardless of who you really may be. But ultimately you can’t measure connection in a number of “likes.”

You may have your perception of what the most important connection today was, for you, but ask yourself really was it? Are you certain? It may have been for you. And I would encourage everyone, keep reaching, keep impacting others, keep making your daily difference. Those are the things that are easily within your control. And, when it’s in your control, and it’s good… YOU DO IT!

But consider this, what if the most major impact, the biggest connection, that you could have made today came by someone reading your post, or meme, or article. What if it came through a brief online message. And they didn’t opt to make an online click or respond back, but it impacted them emotionally in a way that it allowed them to connect more deeply with a friend, a colleague, or maybe their spouse.

See it’s not about having 100,000 followers, 10,000 shares, or 1000 likes on a post (though I do still think that’s impressive) – it’s about getting one. One that may be the right one.

So keep doing it. Do what you do. Do what you love. Love other people. Make everyday kick ass.