Several weeks ago I did a Blog Talk Radio episode on my show RE-ignition titled, The Champion Mindset; if you haven’t listened, please tune in there and check it out!  One of the things that I define in that episode are 11 traits that overall affect and define the champions mindset.  That’s right 11, not a top 10 list.  I thought it appropriate, as 2011 kicks off, to recap these 11 traits, you know, like 11 for 2011!   These are not in any particular order, one is not more important than any other, they are all important and vital in my opinion.  So here they are below, the 11 traits or qualities that are key in defining the champion mindset.  Here’s to you and your success in 2011!

  1. Determination – firmness of purpose.  It is making a decision then pushing and seeing that decision through; refusing to see any sort of stop or barrier.
  2. Endurance/Persistence – this ties right in with determination.  It is keeping going… until (you get to your goal).  Approximately 80% of sales are made after the fourth or  fifth attempt!
  3. Dedication – complete devotion to a task at hand.  Your passion will help drive your dedication.
  4. Vision – you have to see where you are headed, see the path out in front before you have walked it.  Can you see what’s coming?
  5. Goals – simple.  Champions have clearly defined goals and continue to put effort into achieving them.
  6. Preparation – Plan your work; work your plan!  More than just a plan in your mind, a clear definition of strategies and tactics to get to your goals.
  7. Adaptability – the overall ability to move and change to respond to any circumstance.  Achieve the unexpected!
  8. Focus/Alertness – your thoughts lead to your actions.  This is the uncanny ability to create results from your thoughts, your focus turns to instant action.
  9. Timing/Punctuality – be on time.  Professional athletes, successful business people, champions – they don’t just show up, they show up early ready to perform!
  10. Confidence – this is the gained through knowledge and the other traits on this list.  It will transform you, the way you carry yourself and the way you think.
  11. Honesty/Integrity – produced by balance in all areas of your life.  It comes from having no fear; you should not have to bend your integrity to fit different situations.touchdown

So there it is, be a champion, be a success, chase your dreams!  The number eleven, to me, even looks like goal posts – let’s kick this year far, straight and fast through the goal posts!