I titled today’s blog like I did, because I have this awesome physical trainer/weight trainer/aerobics instructor/ok… I’m not sure what his title really is. His name is Quentin at LifeTime in Colorado Springs, but he introduces these non-stop crazy routines into class workouts (Yes Quentin, it’s you… you’re welcome). And after he gives you 72 new steps to each routine… then he tests you… and expects brilliance, he always asks, “How did you do?” And he is genuinely excited about asking the class. Meanwhile, most of the people in the class are smiling, laughing and yes, thoroughly confused, some may want to already quit… and it’s 10 minutes into an hour long class.

Quentin has this unique way of showing that YOU are being harder on yourself than anyone else in class or he EVER could be. Though he does have a microphone and like to make sure to keep others in their place. AND – YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING!

Now, I know it’s way early into 2017. Still, you might have noticed that the gym was a little less crowded this morning. Some have made it one whole week… (almost) into the new year, and you, like many others are already ready to abandon what was your badass, New Years Resolution to trump all resolutions that came before this one.

Let me give you a quick tip. You can’t change a lifelong habit with a few days of willpower. Often, it takes more than even the “26 spaced repetitions,” That “they” say it takes to form a habit. change is hard. It takes real commitment. It takes consistency. It takes action… EVERY… DAY.

Resolutions and real change take more than just a 24 hour commitment, or your presumed few days to break your habit, more than a midnight agreement made one evening because the new year and end of the world may be just around the corner. Real change takes you doing it like I said above… EVERY DAY. Even if it is for 15 minutes, make a commitment to do something. 15 minutes turns into 30, then 45, then more.

So here’s the long and short of it. You know that thing… the thing that only 7 days ago you said you would accomplish this year. Take at least one step closer right now.

So after that first 7 days… “How did you do?”