If you are in sales, most likely you’ve taken the time to learn all of the necessary mechanics, sales procedures, proper process, closing techniques and good follow up skills.  There is one final, or maybe not so final step… in fact in my opinion, this should be step one!  You have to be sold on you.

For any person in ANY sales industry the very first thing that comes into play when you are dealing with clients is you, and I don’t just mean how you greet the customer and what you say.  I mean the whole quality of your communication and who you are down to your core.  It’s how you carry yourself, people can spot you right away and KNOW, that’s the right person for this job.  The big question that some people may ask themselves is, “How do I get to that point?”  Now again, this is my opinion, I think though that there are a few easy things you can do.  Each of these things will get you closer to STEP 1!  I would suggest that you write the answer to each of these down, so you can look at them from time to time and tell yourself how you are doing.

Be you!First, ask yourself this, “How are you talking to yourself?”  Yes, I mean the words going through your head, are they generally positive or negative?  What are you saying… more importantly HOW are you saying things to yourself?  Let me give you an example – if you end up stopping at several red lights in the morning, are you saying something like, “Why does this always happen to me?”  I’ll give you a tip the “why” or “how come” questions are a sign that you are letting things happen to you instead of making things happen.  I’d suggest this, be more focused on the time in between stops on what you will be able to accomplish for your day.

Second, what kinds of things do you do personally for professional development?  You have heard the old saying, “Garbage in – garbage out” that’s true, if your day consists solely of Court TV, sitcoms and cartoons – there are probably a few other problems brewing.  My suggestion, find a speaker or trainer that lights your fire and gets you excited, and buy a CD or two of theirs.  Several personal development “guru’s” have always said, SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES – listen on the way to work.  Drive to work in silence (once you are practiced at talking to yourself positively as noted above) and get yourself excited!  In the morning, you have a clear mind and are rested, that’s the time to pop in a good motivational person and give ’em a listen.  On your way home from work is the time to veg out, listen to the radio and relax – SING ALONG, release the days stress!

Third, make sure that you truly believe in the product you are selling.  In this case I mean the physical product OTHER THAN yourself.  Part of believing in a product is doing the hard research and, using the product yourself.  Just by believing in your product it will allow your mind a certain ease in knowing that you have personal congruency with yourself and what you are selling and will make it easier in the long run to sell yourself too.  That means you don’t have to ever compromise your integrity or second guess something you may have said to “sell” a product in the past.  Maintaining your integrity and personal congruency will put your mind at ease and boost your confidence.  Confident people carry themselves confidently, with their chest held high and  head raised looking the world and their next client right in the eye!

While I am certain there are a lot of great other trainings, exercises and “things” that you can do to pump yourself up, these are three things that though very basic, have always worked well for me.  Best of luck to you, sell a bunch!