7 minutes on Car Business Stuff #TodaysThoughts

Today I’m spending 7 minutes (or more) talking about the car business. Recently, I was engaged with a video and conversation with an individual that had an opposition to the automotive industry. Today, I offered my response in a Facebook Live video.

Often, there are so many negative posts, videos and general information on the internet. Especially on “How to buy a car” or “How to not get taken advantage of” and so on.

Here is a quick video that shares some insight from the “other side.” I’m in the car business and have been for the past 15 years. I thought I would offer an opinion from  the car sales side.

I think that most people now, currently in the retail car business (automotive industry), at least the several thousand that I have come in contact with are generally pretty good people. From salespeople, to sales managers, F&I managers (finance) and Dealers, these people are in the business to make a difference and make a good living while they are helping others.

So please, tune in and check out my thoughts and as always, please share your thoughts down below.

Thank you for watching ❤